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35 Hows In Public Speaking


The Challenges of public speaking

Do you dread public speaking? Being an effective presenter is critical for anyone who is _or aspires to be) in a leadership position. In fact, certain presentations can be downright career defining.

Begin with the end in mind. Before you start working on your script or presentations, gets clear on its purpose. What are you trying to accomplish? What impact do you want to have on your audience? Are you looking to inform? Inspire? Persuade? Knowing your ultimate purpose and desired outcome will help you stay focused through the preparation process.

Public speaking skills can help you succeed in professional and community involvement, and they teach you how to cope with information overload and find what you need to communicate with others. Enhancing your ability to communicate through public speaking will:

  • Help you more quickly accomplish your personal and professional goals (and most likely achieve even a higher success then what you imagined
  • Enhance your career as a student, employee, employer, family member, and all the different social circles (social networks) you belong to
  • Allow you to explore and share your values. (Speaking to an audience whose knowledge or opinions differ than your own can quite rewarding)
  • Allow you to hone in your critical thinking skills and listening skills

Taking a public speaking class will improve your speaking skills, help you be a more critical thinking, fine-tune your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and help you overcome public speaking anxiety


Mohammad Qayyum A. Badaruddin 

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