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E-Personal Finance


Sams Teach Yourself e-Personal Finance Today is written for those who want sound and practical advice on how to take control of their financial lives using the wealth of resources and tools available on the Internet. Each short, easy-to-read chapter carefully steps you through everything you need to know to successfully locate online resources for such things as evaluating your financial situation, setting goals, budgeting, reducing debt, investing your money, buying and selling real estate, financing a college education, saving for retirement, evaluating insurance needs, and more.

Learn how to...

  • Manage your money using key personal finance Websites
  • Create a budget using specialized online calculators
  • Bank online and search for the best interest rates
  • Search for the best credit cards and check your own credit history
  • Set up a debt reduction plan using the Internet
  • Compare insurance quotes and apply for a policy online
  • Find tax information, download tax forms, and file electronically
  • Use online directories to locate an accountant
  • Develop a personal investment strategy and invest online
  • Prepare for the financial challenges of marriage and parenthood
  • Shop online for a home, determine what you can afford, and compare mortgage interest rates
  • Size up college tuition costs and search for scholarship and financial aid
  • Calculate retirement needs and check financial planners credentials
  • Take care of your heirs trough wills and estate planning



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