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Earn What You're Worth


You already know you're worth way more than you earn. So what's standing in the way of your financial and career success? Nicole Williams, the author of Wildly Sophisticated, says that for many women, it comes down to our difficulty dealing with cold hard cash-not just a lack of money, but also our misconceptions, prejudices, and fears about it. In Earn What you're Worth, Williams shows how to get others to value the skills and talents you bring to the table...and how to het compensated accordingly...

With her trademark blend if best friend, personal cheerleader, and been-there-done-that mentor, Nicole Williams uses her own experience-as well as that of other Wildly Sophisticated entrepreneurs-to help you not just save more, but make more. You'll discover that you don't have to give up your morning latte or wait for prince charming to show up in his Porsche to turn your financial dreams into reality. Learn to

  • Make a date with your money-and dump your bad financial habits
  • Create your Personal Balance Sheet-and figure out what you're really worth
  • Learn the difference between going into debt-and investing in your career
  • Sell yourself at work-without selling your soul
  • Decide what you really want from your career-and how to get it!



Nicole Williams