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Master Of Sales


Why are some salespeople remarkably successful, while others make call after call with no results? How do some turn any no into a yes, while others can't even get their foot in the door?

For the first time, more than 80 of the most successful salespeople in the world have come together to reveal their secrets to success. You'll learn what makes these outstanding sellers true masters of their craft - and how you can adapt the master's tactics for your own.

  • Learn Martha Stewart's secrets to promoting yourself as an expert
  • Discover the 11 key questions to ask from Harvey Mackay
  • Get Anthony Parinello's advice on selling to CEOs
  • Be trained in guerilla tactics for direct selling from Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Find out Brian Tracey's secrets on the psychology of selling

Bursting with valuable advice from Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, Keith Ferrazzi, Tom Hopkins, Al Lautenslager and more than 60 other masters of the art of selling, this exclusive compilation of the best sales strategies ever known puts you on the fats track to sales success.



Al Lautenslager

Hazel M. Walker

Zig Ziglar

Kimberly George

Myron Waldman

Ron Stark

Joanna Stark

Debbra Sweet

Janet Attwood

Linda McCarthy

Brian Tracy

Julien Sharp

Ed Craine

Dawn S. Pastores

Anthony Robbins

Barbara Knackstedt

Jack Canfield

Shelli Howlett

Wendy Weiss

Don Mastrangeo

Trey McAlister

Sherry Steiman

Sue Henry

Bob Burg

Stephanie O'Hara

Tom Gosche

Martha Stewart

Susan RoAne

Harvey Branman

Stuart Mitchell

Darrell Ross

Sandy Donovan

Anne Warfield

Don Morgan

Jill Konrath

Steve Kaplan

Anthony Parinello

Joe McBride

James Fischer

George C. Dearing

James Cruickshank

Bill Buckley

Dawn Lyons

Dr. Ivan Misner

Cindy Mount

Craig Elias

Don Boisvert

Elisabeth Misner

Geof Scanlon

Sam Schwartz

David H. Sandler

Tom Hopkins

Pat Laiby

Steve Bell

Christel Wintels

Timothy M. Houston

Elaine Betts

Connie Hinton

Mavis Lamb

Steven Van Yoder

Robert Scheinfeld

Kevin Eikenberry

Lantz Powell

Harvey Mackay

Denise Beeson

Deanna Tucci schmitt

Ezra Palmer-Persen

Debby Peters

Linda Macedonio

John Suarez

Jerry Schwartz

Keith Ferrazzi

Brian Buffini

David Lally

Robin Schuckmann

Linda Forte-Spearing

Christine Clifford Beckwith

Chas Wilson

Cynthia Lueck Sowden

Chris Attwood