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Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses


Do you have a burning desire to build a very successful business of your own? Do you want to create the financial abundance, freedom and lifelong security that your very own business will bring? In this book, Millionaire Entrepreneur & Success Coach, Adam Khoo reveals to you his secrets of building a multi-million dollar business starting from scratch. All without you having to have a lot of capital to invest, a prestigious degree of years of experience. Whether you are just starting out in business or an experienced entrepreneur, this book will give you powerful ideas and strategies that will multiply your business sales and profits exponentially.

What You Will Master in this Book 

  • Why 90% of businesses fail…and how the 10% succeed
  • The mindset & Habits of successful entrepreneurs
  • Develop the million-dollar idea that will blow away the competition
  • A Step-by Step Guide on building a business system that works without you
  • How to start a business with very little capital and turn in millions within 18 months
  • Build a powerful brand & establish yourself as the market leader
  • Powerful marketing strategies that will kill the competition
  • Build a championship team of employees and partners
  • Master the art of cash flow… how to roll millions with just a few thousand dollars



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