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The Seducer & One Hot Number


The Seducer
Bachelor #2, Officer Rex Steele, is supposed to be on vacation. Instead, he's working undercover investigating a case close to his heart. As for finding a wife, this burned-out bad boy has practically given up on women! Until he meets sexy, free-spirited Pansy Hanley one night on the beach. He's supposed to be questioning her but ends up seducing her instead...Pansy can't believe she's making hot explosive love with Rex - every night. Is he just a tourist or truly her fantasy lover? Something bigger is definitely going on here - rumours are flying fast and furious. Can Pansy afford to be distracted by this mysterious man from Manhattan?

One Hot Number
Accountant Samantha Collins is ready to break free from her low-risk existence. She may have a head for figures but nobody's been checking hers out lately. Now that's about to change...the new Sam is going to take chances, try her luck and see what life throws her. So when she meets rugged Ryder Wells, she decides to jump in with both feet. Into his bed, that is...

Ryder Wells is hell-bent on saving his ranch from financial ruin, even if it means cutting a deal with the devil. Still, he's amazed when wickedly sexy Samantha shows up on his doorstep with an offer he can't refuse. She'll give him her financial know-how in return for one delicious week in his bed. And though the situation doesn't totally add up, Sam is one hot number Ryder can't resist....



Jule McBride

Sandy Steen